Download free WHMCS Client Area WordPress plugin v2.5.2

WHMCS Client Area v2.7.1 – WHMpress Addon brings order process and client area within WP. Having this addon will integrate your orders, billing, support and and all other WHMCS operations into WordPress. This integration will provide your customers a user-friendly and consistent customer experience. Adding value to your WP website, the add-on will help you to keep your clients at your WordPress site.

Important: This is an add-on for WHMpress. You must have WHMpress v2.7.6 – WHMCS WordPress Integration Plugin to use it.

WHMCS Client Area Add-on comes with an integrated WHMCS template. Although you can use it with any template,with sixWHMpress template purposely built to perform better with WP integraitons & standalone too, it is just plugin and play.

(especially built to perform better with WP Integration & alone too), it is just plug and play.

By design it is works with any WP theme but we have gone a step further with some selected themes that are mostly used by webhosts. For these themes, WHMpress Client Area addon hides unwanted and repeated components (like footer) and additionally matches WHMCS Client area color scheme and CSS with your theme.

This option is currently available with following themes. 3clicks, Avada, Alaska, InHost, TrueHost, Salient and more..

WHMCS Client Area v2.7.1 – WHMpress Addon Changelo

v2.7.1 – 29th April, 2016 –
New – Compatibility ensured with WHMCS 6.3.1 and WordPress 4.5
Update – WHMPress Helper 2.1
Update – sixWHMpress Template v.3 for WHMCS 6.3

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Demo WHMCS Client Area v2.7.1 – WHMpress Addon

Download WHMCS Client Area v2.7.1 – WHMpress Addon